Born from a mutual love of all things events and design, Bergen Meyer & Shauna Wise co-founded Palm + Pine Events to lend their years of expertise and knowledge of the event industry to clients searching for reasonably priced, honest, and of course, dazzling design and planning services. Both with unique perspective, experience, and backgrounds, Bergen + Shauna can help you create a memorable and seamless event.

About Shauna

With over 10 years of experience in event and venue management, event coordination and design, and event marketing, Shauna’s passion for seamless and uniquely personal events naturally led her to creating Palm + Pine Events. After learning the in’s & outs of the event industry, Shauna’s experience helps her create events that are not only beautiful, but functional and seamless. Her love of helping clients find and create their personal event style is what drives Shauna to become even more knowledgeable and forward-thinking with her event design and coordination. Although located in Newport Beach, California, Shauna specializes in Southern California and Central California weddings, including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs, Ca. Shauna would love to help you plan your next event!

About Bergen

After college, Bergen found herself planning and coordinating corporate events and discovered that she had a knack for details, a skill for creating timelines, and a love of organization, precision, and everything event management. Bergen’s classic style has lead her to plan and design weddings and corporate events that are not only skillfully seamless, but timelessly beautiful. Bergen’s attention to detail helps her manage timelines, vendor contracts, and client budgets with the experience and foresight to make sure each event she coordinates runs smoothly. Although located in sunny Southern California, Bergen also specializes in destination weddings and events, including events located in Northern California & beyond. She would love to help you plan your next event!